Friday, December 31, 2004

Things your new PC does NOT need

PCIe - This AGPx16 was just way too slow.
DDR2 - This Ram is like ... slow, but hell - it's new!
shader 3.0 - Imagine, those stupid ATI card users do not have this!
64bit CPU - It's like ... err ... the double of 32!
ATX 2.0 - Forget 20 pins. Go for 24 pins!
SLI - Real men need at least two GPUs...
BTX - It's not like they just turned the mainboard around...
24 bit audio - I think my mp3s will just sound way better with it.
GigabiteLAN - Imagine: highspeed Internet and gaming!
SATA for your 7200rpm HD.
SATA for your "optical drives".
At least 10 USB ports.
Nforce4, with a small fan.

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