Sunday, June 27, 2004

Professors find RIAA Lawsuits ineffective with further research - CD "After all the RIAA's effort on filing lawsuits currently totalling over 3,000 and the approval of the Pirate Act, there is more and more research aiming to prove that file sharing is not the culprit. Video games and DVDs which are widely available on P2P networks are still selling very well with DVD sales still on the rise. Also, many industries suffered significant decline following the Sept. 11 economy decline.

Now the recording industry claims its lawsuits are finally paying off after US CD sales have risen by 10.6% in the 1st quarter 2004 from last year. However music downloads are also back on the rise, up 5 million to a total of 23 million over the same period. This indicates that CD sales seem to depend on how well file sharing is doing, thus contradicting what the music industry claims."

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